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Stand Up Paddle Board x Yoga Guides

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Sara Washburn

 Owner x Guide x Outdoor Adventure x Fitness Enthusiast


E- RYT 200

Certified SUP Yoga & Stand UP Paddle Board Instructor
Just Breathe School of Yoga 
WPA Level 2 Instructor 
Starboard SUP Yoga Global Team Ambassador 
Paddle into Fitness Master Trainer

Thank you for stopping in and taking a moment to just Breathe

Just Breathe first was simply a name that explained how I felt when I was in a hot, sweaty, jam packed space of hot yoga room. As I continued my practice off the mat and in my daily life, I realized this became my life's mantra and purpose! 

I'm a mother of two doing my best everyday to live a purposeful, healthy life. Staying true to my dharma while being all that I can be for my kids and husband. Being a mother & wife and taught me so much of who I am and what is important in this life. And finding space to breath and time to stay connected to my health, fitness and yoga practice is one of those things that holds so much value and importance to who I am for myself and for my family! Whether my practice is inside four walls, on the lawn or floating on water. I grew up with a love for adventure, outdoors and living a healthy life and this inspires me everyday to share the stoke and adventure with my family and you!


Yoga has given my life such a wholeness & balance. For over twelve years, I've had a dedication to yoga through practice, training and teaching! I am a better wife because of yoga, a much better mom because of yoga. I have made incredible, lifelong friendships through yoga. I have the tremendous blessing of allowing what has been an outstanding impact on my life to be my life's work. I've had many joys in teaching yoga; leading retreats, creating a successful “studio – less” studio, being a speaker at TEDx Yakima & teaching numerous styles of yoga in studio. 

I humbly stay a student first to grow & evolve and present the best yoga I can to the students that are directly in front of me.

My love for the outdoors and adventure continues to stay alive with the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). As a competitive swimmer in my younger years, it was a natural progression to combine my love for the water and fitness together. I have combined the two loves of SUP & yoga and I love sharing the stoke and awareness of SUP with paddle technique classes, SUP events & adding the element of water to adventure events & retreats. 

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